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For me, Christmas Holidays are for the family. But sometimes you gotta take a little break and so I did some reading to catch up with my blog-subscriptions and some more reading in the vastness of the internet. Here are some things I found relevant for

Water, Global Warming

Here are a couple of interesting and not necessarily related links to things relevant to water and global warming:

This year, there is no ice on the old Wayne Gretzky backyard rink (found through this blog entry). What clearer sign could there be that things change?

Orange county makes drinking water out of sewage

An Earthquake might pose threat on LA water supply (german, Der Spiegel), and more California water issues (on bromide in reservoirs)

Wired: 2007 was a record year for US

High tritium levels found in landfill in Ontario

Funding for science, policies?

In this interview, the president of Harvard emits some interesting views on how to fund science. Ivy League complains about funding, also discussion on cosmic variance

US legislation

I don’t want to get much into a political debate, especially not before or during presidential elections in the US. I’m sure there are enough pages on the internet and elsewhere that cover that. However, when it comes to environmental legislation, this might be worth remembering: US legislation passed before christmas

Global maps

The goole earth blog has written about the influence of human beings on earth. There are two interesting maps:

Carl Sagan

Browsing through the web trying to find good scientific presenters, I came across Carl Sagan. He was instrumental in SETI, and he had a TV show called “cosmos”, which is available on DVD. I really like his seven-minute long talk on nuclear war:

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