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This blog is about water and about our planet.

Its goal is to bring news, scientific findings, art, and any other topic related to water to a broad audience. Anyone who enjoys and values water as a resource will be able to learn more about its state and behavior, about threats to this valuable resource, and about the people who work in water-related disciplines. Anyone who works or conducts research in a water-related field will hopefully find this blog a source of information and inspiration.

Water as a scientific topic requires a multi- and inter-disciplinary approach. Physics, chemistry, and biology lay the foundation for understanding water. Mathematics enable us to describe water, its properties, and its motion. Hydrology, environmental- and civil engineering, geology, oceanography, meteorology, computer sciences, and even sociology and other humanities contribute further to what we know about water, how we use it, and how water affects our lives.


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Claus Haslauer

Dipl.-Ing. (Universität Stuttgart)

M.Sc. (University of Waterloo)

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My career started with studying environmental engineering with a focus on “hydrology”, “water resources engineering and management”, and “groundwater and surface water modeling” at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. In 2001, I moved to the University of Waterloo, Canada, to study and work as a hydrogeologist. Claus is currently working on geostatistics at the University of Stuttgart.

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