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Hall of Fame

without comments has initiated a “most valuable player” (MVP) section. The main idea behind the introduction of such a series of posts was to increase external input to as well as to act as a link between people who are fascinated by water. Further goals as well as the description of the proceedings of the MVP program are listed below. Every recipient may call herself or himself “ MVP”, including bragging rights and is entitled to show off this awesome sticker: MVP


  • Link people interested in water.
  • Hear/see what other people do:
    • What are the pressing questions? How might those questions be answered?
    • What are other people interested in?
    • Does anybody do similar or related work?
  • Initiate discussion and exchange of ideas.

Technical details should be kept fairly limited for now.

How Should This Work

The person who is chosen to be most valuable person is asked to describe the experience she/he has in a water-related field. There are no limits regarding space, and pictures, sketches, sound, movies, anything other supporting material is very welcome.

Some characteristics of such a description might be, but are not limited to:

  • the topic,
  • the importance of the experience
  • what the key hurdles are,
  • how she/he is trying to tackle the problem,
  • what the impacts of this research are (on science and / or engineering) ,
  • what the social, medical, societal, political, or other implications this research has.

The first person to describe his/her water-related experience, story, or work is selected by After her/his story is published on, she/he will choose a new person who works in a water related field (see the “About” section of, who’s then next to describe her/his experience. The person to be chosen as next MVP should not work with the same supervisor, and should work ideally at a different place, for a different university or company. The pool of people eligible as MVP is not limited to academia! Any person in any field with wicked water-related experiences is encouraged to be selected!

Hopefully this will lead to a large variety of experiences and problems that the readers of get exposed to. After a person is chosen to be MVP, she/he should get her story on publishable (electronic) format within 3 weeks.

Everybody who shared her/his story will be inducted into the “ hall of fame”, from which point on you have quite exclusive bragging rights. It’s like being inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame for a hockey player, or getting a star in LA for hollywood actors! Generally, the MVP idea was inspired by the “The Road of The Cell Masters” by a guy called “Colo” in Japan, and maybe even by something called the Microsoft MVP program. Scott Kelby does a similar thing on his photoshop blog, which he calls “wednesday guest blog”, except he chooses the “guest blogger” himself. All his guest blogs can be seen here and his thoughts when he introduced the concept here.

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January 9th, 2009 at 4:12 am

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