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10 Minutes of Yoga (or Programming) Per Day

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I knew it through experience. I knew it from Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hour rule, stating that you need about that number of hours of practice to excel in anything. It is tough. I feel like I had a lot of those hours spent in front of the piano, and I feel like i am not much further then when I started.

In my daily work, I do a lot of programming. By now, I would say I feel mostly comfortable in python. But, I am no computer scientist, and not a developer of a programming language. I once had a roommate who wrote an operating system for a term project. So at least I feel like I can gauge the work involved. What I try to get to is this this recent tweet from one of the key ipython developers. How awesome is this?

One year of constant commits to github
One year of constant commits to GitHub by minrk.

Also interesting is that not everything is dark green. It can not be. 10 minutes of Yoga per day are better than 30 minutes once per week!


So my goal is to program from now on at least 30 minutes per working day.

I played around with various tools to help me keep track of things. I feel like I can’t commit to one repository I have some stuff on repos that I host myself on a server, some on github, some on bitbucket. “I done this” looked very promising, but then my notes sit somewhere and can’t easily access or process them. I settled for now on a simple list in OmniOutliner, which exports to OPML, and which syncs between my smartphone and my computer. I will keep you posted on how I progress!

update 2015-Sep-08:

Michael Tsai just posted on a similar issue

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August 21st, 2015 at 3:31 pm

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