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Update on planetwater Calendar

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update Thursday; October 25, 2012 thanks to @wpworx I do have now a solution that works:

I resorted to a google calendar, which I will use to maintain relevant dates. Here are the advantages:

  • you can subscribe to the ics calendar using this url
  • It syncs to a dedicated Calendar page on, so readers on the blog should see what events are happening in the future (with some sync delay)
  • I have it setup in my Calendar so I can directly enter events there

Recently, the calendar plugin (“Event Calendar“) that I used to use within WordPress (WP), and that has worked reasonably well over the past few years has decided to not work anymore. This might be the reason why some posts were not visible in the last couple of days.

My requirements seem simple:

  • add/modify/delete posts
  • subscribe to the “posts” / “events” in iCal (or any other calendar app)
  • maybe, have access to a WP widget

The following list shows some of the solutions I played with:

Neither of these satisfied me. Some of are bloated, some don’t allow for the deletion of “posts”/”events”.

To me, of course, it seems like I don’t need or want anything fancy. But I just could not find online an existing possibility for WP. Can anyone help?

Right now, I have a version of “The Events Calendar” running, but there is not much there. For now, the old posts are stored, but not visible.

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October 24th, 2012 at 8:36 pm

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