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Twitter Vs. RSS

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It is wild, how on one day a topic can be discussed so wildly on the internet. Today it seems like RSS is the hot topic.

  • First I noticed this post on camendesign: complaining that RSS won’t be on the top GUI layer of the new generation of web-browsers;
  • Oliver Gassner wrote about it (in German): The RSS reader is dead, but not RSS per se, because notifications are important and RSS is the underlying technology;
  • even Seth Godin wrote about it: In contrary to Oliver Gassner, who uses it to keep track of only a few blogs, Seth Godin uses it to keep track of many blogs;

Here are my thoughts:

  • RSS is dead and twitter took over its role. This is the impression I get at least often when using twitter. A lot of people seem to use twitter to announce their blog posts. I think this is not what twitter is good for and neither what twitter is intended for. Why waste twitter posts?
  • It still is very useful for me to use an RSS reader. This is how I keep track of blogs that are of interest to me
  • It is easy and tempting to subscribe to too many blogs or RSS streams. I am trying to unsubscribe to blogs on a regular basis

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January 5th, 2011 at 4:46 pm

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