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Folks, I really like the open standard, which is commonly referred to as an “open source twitter”. What do I use for? – When I come across a news-item that is interesting, but doesn’t seem to be big enough for an individual post, I used to post a link to this news-item on This process is very nice, because I can post to via adium. If there is at least one such post (they call it a “dent”), then it showed up in two ways on as a daily digest (this one for example) or every dent in the sidebar under “ updates”. Both the digest and the sidebar are created with a plugin called “ tools“.

The sidebar still works, but I think the “daily digest” feature is broken. I just tried to find a solution, however unfortunately I could not find one. Unfortunately, the plugin doesn’t seem to be developed actively. So I guess there won’t be any daily digests for at least a while…

I could move to twitter and use twitter tools, but for now at least I’m a little hesitant.

Any ideas?

update Tuesday; September 1, 2009: It seems like there are also some problems with the layout in the Safari browser. For all the apple-maniacs: please be patient, I will look into it, as soon as I’m back! Why don’t you use Opera in the meantime? 😉

update Saturday; September 5, 2009 It seems like both things work again: digest feautre as well as the format of on Safari. I swear I didn’t change any setting. Yay to self-healing! 🙂

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August 30th, 2009 at 12:53 pm

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