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New Calendar

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I just finished installing a new calendar feature on planetwater, which was is being developed by WPCAL. This calendar will show you upcoming events that are related to the world of planetwater. On the sidebar, there is a new calendar. It’s called “Planetwater Events”. Below, in the section “Event Listing” you can see a list of the five next events. In the calendar, days with an event are marked red. You can hover your mouse over it, then you will see a short description of the event, or you can click on a red number representing a day, then you will see a more detailed description of the event. You can subscribe to the calendar in iCal (MacOS) or thunderbird by clicking on the rss symbol at the top of the calendar or by using this URL.

If you want me to add certain events, please let me know!

Fudging the Event Listing required some CSS, and I have no idea about CSS. So I googled and came up with this “solution”, however, I’m sure it’s damn ugly (especially the border part). I’d appreciate if somebody could point me to a better solution.

[code lang=”CSS”]

.ec3_list { display: inline; border: 5px solid white; }

.ec3_list li a { display: inline; }


By the way, thanks folks over at for pointing that out as well as many other useful hints!

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August 22nd, 2008 at 9:41 am

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