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Google Earth

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Here I am in 2010 writing a blog post on Google Earth. You know, the thing has been around for a while, and most relevant people to this blog are aware of it. However, I just came across to posts on the Google Earth Blog, that demonstrate what a how this thing gets continuously updated and improved:

  • There are updated historical images, and quite a few in Germany have been updated. The resolution is not the greatest, but it is still interesting! Instructions: Activate “Historical Views” by selecting “View” from the menu bar and then check “Historical Imagery”. Then a little slider appears in the top left corner of the map screen in GoogleEarth, which you can slide in order to “travel through time”.
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City of Nuernberg in December of 1943, courtesy of Google Earth

  • The Google Earth Blog blogged about a kml file from the National Snow and Ice Data Center. The great thing about this kml file is that it is animated: A voice tells a story, the globe spins to places the voice talks about, and related images pop up. Cool!

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February 3rd, 2010 at 8:48 pm

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