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If You Think it Might be Homogeneous

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This is such a simple experiment, but yet the resulting picture I think is beautiful.

Remember the permeameter experiments from a few weeks ago? We used that same column of sand and injected some dye into it at the bottom. The injection was continuous, and hence a front started to form. You should also remember that we placed industrial sand into the column. That’s the most homogeneous sand imaginable. It has a straight sieve curve. Additionally, just to make sure to stay in as homogenous settings as possible, we tried to pack the sand as homogeneously as we could into the column. And still, this is what we got:


In some zones the tracer advanced more rapidly than in other zones. And zones with substantially different advancements are very close to each other. The diameter of the column is 10 centimeters. This is one of the most classic experiments in solute transport in porous media. And still so beautiful! 😉

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March 7th, 2011 at 9:50 pm

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