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Jacob Bear Short Course – Day 2

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I am starting to use the coffee shop at the Politechnico more frequently. It’s hard not to! It’s half the price and twice as good as in Germany. Does that make “Cappuco” in Stuttgart four times worse than here?

We went today through all kinds of variations of the saturated flow equation. “All kinds” meaning flow equations for different kind of assumptions and boundary conditions. In the afternoon we went through the physics of two phase (air and water) and more generally, multiple phase flow.

During lunch I was a little worried, that I wouldn’t make it through the afternoon, but I did. It was actually a great experience to go in three hours through the physics of multiphase flow. I learned something! Actually, a friend asked me yesterday why the pressure is negative in the unsaturated zone. My first answer was that it’s zero at the water-table and positive below. So it’s got to be negative above the water-table, if you continue linearly and without a jump at the water-table. I learned more about capillary pressure, and a better explanation, today. But I have to let it sink in a bit, before I write about it here.

Anyways, it’s half time, and it’s dinner time. I need to let some air flow around my head, so it’s ready for dispersion tomorrow. This time seriously.

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September 2nd, 2009 at 5:56 pm

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