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It seems not so long ago that I learned the basics of latex on comp.text.tex (btw. Unison is an awesome newsreader). Then came google.groups, and then came just google.

However, recently, I found that a certain category of “search sites” has surfaced. Which seem to be more attractive than the good old usenet. Not sure why. Maybe it’s because you can collect “points”. There are two sites which I started to find interesting:
mathoverflow and stackExchange.

There are really interesting questions being asked and answered:

— What are the examples of situations where “randomizing” a problem (or some part of it) and analyzing it using probabilistic techniques yields some insight into its deterministic version? – see here


— What are the big problems in probability theory? – see here

At stackExchange there are even groups:

– stats “Cross Validated”

– scicomp “Computational Science” (Beta – that’s why it looks “sketchy”)

– apple

– tex (but don’t forget comp.text.tex!)


update Saturday; January 14, 2012:

Just shortly after I wrote this, I found out that there’s a little discussion taking place on math overflow about “the Gaussian”


update Sunday; February 12, 2012:

PyDev forums switched to StackOverflow

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