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Water, Geology, Science: Early Year Top Ten Lists

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The web is full of top-10 lists. There are even sites whose only purpose is to publish top-10 lists. Do I need to mention Letterman? For some reason, I came across four “top ten lists” early this year that are worth to be mentioned on this blog due to their connection to water, geology, and science.

  • what do scientists think what’s next in science (NYTimes). Directly related to this blog: ocean science, climate change. For mathematics, they talked to Steven Strogatz, who I have previously mentioned on this blog a couple of times, (here, f.ex.). In this interview he says an interesting thing: “We’re going to see scientific results that are correct, that are predictive, but are without explanation. We may be able to do science without insight, and we may have to learn to live without it. Science will still progress, but computers will tell us things that are true, and we won’t understand them.”
  • the ten most polluted places in the world (by Der Spiegel, in German)
  • the top 10 science books of 2010 (at skepticblog). Nothing geo-/water- related; mostly science-philosophical stuff (maybe because of the title of the blog?)
  • the top 10 water news stories of 2010 by “circle of blue

Geology Cake

Cian Dawson shared this picture of a “geology cake” (also on Flickr). He was eager to point out, that groundwater does not exist in underground lakes! Still, nice cake!

Geology Cake

Geology Cake

This picture inspired a new Accretionary Wedge. For the less geologically inclined, here’s wikipedia’s definition, and here’s what this is all about.

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