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“Bewertungsportale” are sites where users can rate something, a product or in some cases other human beings. I know of course about such sites. Ratings for products have been around in germany for quite some time now. Typical examples are the ratings on books at A community for recipes has been also around for a while, where the recipes are rated. However, yesterday at barcamp Stuttgart, Dr. Carsten Ulbricht provided us with some deeper insights:

Recently, a site has gained a lot of publicity where it’s possible for (high-school) students to rate their teachers. A teacher has recently taken this site to court. She argues that her personal rights are violated. As I learned , three german courts, the Landgericht Cologne, the Oberlandesgericht Cologne, as well as the Bundesgerichtshof argued in this particular case, that the personal rights are not violated. There will be a trial at the Bundesverfassungsgericht, however it’s not expected to rule differently.

For students and teachers at the university level, there is a somewhat comparable site:, a site for the university of Stuttgart does exist, however I haven’t registered yet so I couldn’t find out what students say.

A whole variety of portals where users can rate things exist. One example for an online version of something that used to exist in book form for ages is

Public attention comparable to might soon be attracted to sites where medical doctors are rated. The german assurance company AOK is planning a comarable site.

In the USA there exist two more rating-sites, one for lawyers, and one, quite exotic, against boyfriends:

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