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Years of Blogging

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  • Manton Reece celebrated 15 years of blogging in March. It turns out that does not date that far back, but almost 11 years of blogging is not nothing either. The details are actually blurry in my mind. Definitely Dayf had started the “boardinger” at some time around 2003, we had used that for a while, and I guess I moved to WordPress in 2006
  • In fact, the WordPress installation at sysprovide has been running and has been upgraded constantly ever since – until last Thursday, when the first outage occurred (at least to my knowledge)
  • If there is one thing certain, it’s that things do change. As does the blogging frequency. I guess there are certain cycles
  • Recently, I started to take as my professional site more seriously, and setup a static page generator (Pelican) that supports Jupyter notebooks. While that is pretty exciting, I do not want to neglect planet water! This is the first post that I am writing and posting with Ulysses and not with my traditional TextMate / MarsEdit combination

Yay to Independent Blogging!

I will use the occasion of looking back, following Gabe Weatherhead’s spirit, to give a shout out to independent blogging.

The following three blogs are in my queue since the beginning of time, none of which are particularly related to water:

I also admit that I follow a few that are on Gabe’s list, and Gabs himself:

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